Adventure Coaching

Experience for life

The Brief

Adventure Coaching is a coaching service founded by John, aimed at guiding individuals through personal and professional challenges using outdoor adventures. They approached us for branding assistance, seeking a visual identity that would resonate with their target audience and reflect their adventurous spirit.

The Process

Discovery and Strategy

We engaged in a collaborative process with John to understand Adventure Coaching’s core values, target audience, and desired brand image. This phase was essential in shaping the direction of the branding concepts.

Brand Development

Our team created three distinct branding concepts, working closely with John to refine the styling, colours, and overall aesthetic. Each concept was designed to convey the essence of adventure, personal growth, and professionalism.

Services Provided

Branding Concepts
Styling and Colour Consultation

In Summary

The new brand identity captures Adventure Coaching’s adventurous ethos and professional approach, setting them apart in the coaching industry. Key outcomes include:

  • Distinctive Visual Identity – A unique and memorable brand that reflects Adventure Coaching’s values and mission.
  • Alignment with Founder’s Vision – Close collaboration ensured the branding resonated with John’s vision for Adventure Coaching.
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