Burnham Ramblers

Football club

The Brief

Burnham Ramblers Football Club, a passionate local team with a rich history, came to us looking for a fresh, modern brand identity. They wanted to revitalise their image to better connect with fans and the local community while staying true to their heritage.

The Challenge

Burnham Ramblers needed a new look that would energise both players and supporters. The goal was to create a contemporary brand identity that reflected their dynamic spirit and ambition, while also honouring the club’s storied past.

The Process

Discovery and Inspiration

We kicked off the project with a discovery session to understand Burnham Ramblers’ values, history, and vision for the future. This involved discussions with club members, fans, and stakeholders to get a comprehensive view of what the new brand should represent.

Brand Development

Armed with insights from our discovery phase, our design team set to work crafting a brand identity that would stand out on and off the pitch. The key elements included:

  • Logo Design – We designed a bold, modern logo that encapsulates the club’s heritage and forward-looking spirit.
  • Colours and Typography – We selected a vibrant colour palette and strong, legible typography that conveys energy and passion.
  • Merchandise and Uniforms – The new brand identity was applied to player uniforms, fan merchandise, and club materials, creating a cohesive look that fans can proudly wear.

Services Provided

Logo Design
Merchandise Design

In Summary

The new brand identity was a hit with both the club and its supporters. Burnham Ramblers now sport a fresh, modern look that has reinvigorated the club’s image and fostered a renewed sense of pride and unity.

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